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Clarke Pk100 Pop Rivets 4.8mm X 16mm only £3.59 from Machine Mart

Added Thursday 2nd of April 2020, Expires Tuesday 21st of April 2020

“pop” or blind rivets are manufactured from aluminium with a central steel mandrel. the rivet mandrel is placed in the nose piece of the riveting tool and the rivet body is then inserted in the pre-drilled hole in the work-piece to be assembled. the riveting tool is then operated which pulls the mandrel head into the body of the rivet, so forcing it to form a head around the mandrel end. when the rivet head has been fully formed and the assembly firmly drawn together, the mandrel breaks at a pre-determined pressure. the riveting tool is then withdrawn and reloaded. rivets are generally regarded as one of the most versatile fastening methods available with the ability to fix components together securely from one side. they offer quick application and economic cost.
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