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Machine Mart

Brennenstuhl Brennenstuhl - Power Manager only £29.99 from Machine Mart

Added Saturday 4th of April 2020, Expires Tuesday 14th of April 2020

This device is the perfect product for anybody looking to protect their valuable electrical equipment such as personal computers, laptops and hi-fi's amongst others. it has the capability to control and contain power surges and overloads caused by lightning strikes to a rating of 15000a, providing a supreme level of protection for your valuable electrical goods. not only is this device extremely capable, its practical too, allowing you to connect up to five different devices to it via three point plug sockets and another four via usb, meaning none of your devices have to go unprotected. offering an unrivaled level of security and protection, this is a must have for anybody looking to ensure the safety of expensive electrical goods.
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