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Sip Sip Weldmate P177hf Ac/dc Tig/arc Inverter Welder -230v- only £779.99 from Machine Mart

Added Thursday 9th of April 2020, Expires Sunday 26th of April 2020

The sip weldmate p177hf is a tig/arc welder which incorporates the latest inverter techlology to give superb performance on the widest range of metals, including aluminium. it has a very high duty cycle, a stable and consistant arc, a wide range of features and controllability which makes it hard to beat.it is supplied complete with all leads and torch/holder, it can weld in ac/dc or arc mode, making it ideal for many specialist users - a highly reliable, lightweight package.features include an ac/dc output current allowing for a dual welding function tig/arc. the very high duty cycle 160amps @ 60% tig output, 140amps @ 60% arc output, latching system for 2 touch / 4 touch control.the p177hf features a high frequency tig welding facility which leasds to easier starting.it is lightweight compared to transformer based welders.
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