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Machine Mart

Machine Mart Xtra Record Power Wg250-pk/a 10" Wet Stone Grinder With Diamond Truing Tool only £299.98 from Machine Mart

Added Friday 5th of June 2020, Expires Saturday 20th of June 2020

Record power wg250-pk/a 10" wet stone grinder is ideal for a variety of tasks. it is an essential tool in any workshop but also useful around the house, for sharpening knives, scissors, gardening tools and any other items that needs a keen edge. the wg250 has been developed with the help of a group of renowned turners and woodworkers in order to create the perfect sharpening tool. much of the research into creating this tool was in order to find the correct friability for the stone. as the abrasive wears, the heat generated increases. this means adhesion is reduced so the worn abrasive minerals come away to reveal a fresh and effective layer of new crystals. the grinding wheel has a left hand nut thread to ensure user safety, it holds the wheel securely in place, reducing the danger of unwinding during operation. the wg250 features a drip guard to help protect the top of the machine and re-direct drips into the main tray and there is an integral storage tray built in to the mach
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